What qualifies as Real fresh pet food?

Data Visualization

Our science team has placed Real's ingredients and corresponding proportions on the front of the package

Ever wondered what the dazzling pictures of sirloin steak on the packages of dog food have anything to do with what's inside?

Are there any pet food manufacturers in China willing to disclose compositions of the formula and the proportions?

In order to let pet parents easily understand what each 250g bag of Real contains, we have photographed and displayed the exact ingredients and proportions on the package front.

*Composition of the small trace of natural boosters is undisclosed due to the IP protection of the science advisory team.


Ingredients and Composition on the package!

The world's first pet food package design using data visualization. Nominated for A' Design Award --


Transparent package design, large chuck of meat

A glimpse into the scrupulous collaboration between Science and Veterinary Medicine team on the product manual.

We treated every bag of Real fresh pet food with the same meticulous attitude we hold towards scientific research.

Behind the data-visualization are the repeated measurements of ingredient nutrition and data analytics, and the dedication of the whole R&D team from Harvard- MIT and the world's top Veterinary Schools.

Harvard-MIT Start-up Team

Real Team Members

Real鲜食 - 靳琳 | 生物医学
Lin Jin
Biomedical/Medical Engineering

Biomedical/Medical Engineering
Harvard Medical School Postdoctoral Researcher
Massachusetts General Hospital Research Assistant
Ph. D., Biomedical/Medical Engineering, Boston University
M.S.E., Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Johns Hopkins University
B.S., Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Tsinghua University
American Society for Nutrition (ASN) Member

Real鲜食 - 刘立仁 | 兽医营养学
Liren Liu
Animal Science, Veterinary Science

Royal Veterinary College, University of London (Ranked No.3 in Veterinary Science)
DVM, Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine
B.S., Animal Science, University of California, Davis
American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition (AAVN) Member

Real鲜粮 - 葛春巍 | 工程管理
Chunwei Ge

Ph.D. Geotechnical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
TUFTS Advanced GeoMechanics Research Assistant, UTGeoFludis Research Assistant
B.Eng., Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Electronics and Control System Design for NASA Mars Ice Challenge 2018

Real鲜食 - 韩菲 | 生物计算
Fei Han

Harvard Medical School- Massachusetts General Hospital Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Ph.D. Computational Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Kunming Institute of Zoology

Real鲜粮 - 张婧娴 | 信息系统
Jingxian Zhang
Information System

MIT Media Lab Collective Learning Group, Research Assistant
Provides data solution for the multinational pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline
Ph.D. Candidate in Data Visualization, MIT
M.S., Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)
B.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)
Student Product Designer, Microsoft Research Asia

Real鲜食 - 麦家兴 | 网络技术
Jiaxing Mai
Network Technology

M.S., Applied Science in Network Optimization, MIT
M.S., Electronic Engineering, The Hong Kong PolyTechnic University
B.Eng., System Engineering, Chinese University of Hong Kong CUHK
JPMorgan Chase & CO. Hong Kong SAR Cash Technology Lead
Fujitsu Hong Kong Limited IT Project Manager

Real鲜粮 - 龙文浩 | 平面设计
Wenhao Long
Graphic Design

Amazon (Seattle) Visual Designer
WPP Group Landor Associates (NY) Designer
Yammer (SF) User Interface Design
Microsoft (SF) User Expeirence Design
B.F.A., Graphic Design, Rhode Island School of Design

Real鲜食 - 刘素菲 | 供应链合作
Sophie Liu
Supply Chain Management

MIT Media Lab Connection Science Fellow
MIT Master of Applied Science Supply Chain Management
Harvard Kennedy School Urban Innovation Project Member
TD Co. CEO Assistant and Global Business Development Manager
Nielsen China eCommerce Senior Analyst

Real鲜粮 - 埃文·汉弗 | 研发管理
Ivan Humph
Research Development

Harvard University Master Of Healthcare Management
MIT Sloan School of Management Healthcare Certificate
Indiana University Bloomington Bachelor of Biotechnology
Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Vision Researcher (Boston)
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Researcher (Boston)

Real鲜粮 - 斯潘·芬尼 | 产品研发
Span Finney
Product Leader

Veterinarian at VCA Animal Hospitals
DVM, University of California- Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine (Ranked No.1 in Veterinary Science)
B.S., Animal Sciences, California State Polytechinic University - Pomona
California Veterinary Medical Practicing License


⇑ Video Link:https://commencement.mit.edu/webcast/open_captions

⇐ QS University Ranking for Veterinary Medicine 2019


What kinds of ingredients give the best nutrition for your furry ones?

Complete and Balanced Nutrtion

Real鲜粮-食材比例 Real鲜食-食材比例

Is it real meat?

Comparing to other manufacturers who use chicken meal or fish meal, Real uses fresh meat and fresh fish fillet purchased from the human food market.

What is the percentage?

26% chicken breast + 10.2% Alaska Pollock + 13.8% chicken heart + 7.2% chicken liver + 8.7% egg + 3% oyster = 70%

Balanced animal protein with fresh fruits and vegetables, Real provides the world-class best nutrition for pets.

Is Real fresh dog food grain-free?

Real is grain-free, which does not contain any grains or grain meal such as rice meal or corn meal.

Some dry dog food brands use soy protein to boost up the test results of protein content. However, protein from vegetables is hardly digestible and is not bio-available for dogs and cats, thus the nutrition value is very limited.


Third-party international standard test report guarantees safety

The complete and well-balanced formula, the test items all exceed Chinese National Standards and AAFCO dog food nutrient profile.

We believe in the goodness of real, natural and fresh food. We insist on giving our beloved dogs the best eating options.

Freshly cooked in the low-temperature steamer to preserve the most nutrition from natural whole food, Real provides the bowl-licking experience to dogs brought by all-natural, delicious and real food.



What kind of central kitchen facility is human grade?

Food-making Environment

SC certified central kitchen located in Beijing, the capital of China.
Strict hygiene management, stringent food safety inspection, advanced equipment and facility (photo taken during the production of Real fresh pet food)

Real鲜食-制作环境 Real鲜粮-制作环境
Real鲜粮-制作环境 Real鲜食-制作环境

Real鲜粮-制作环境 狗狗鲜粮-制作环境 狗狗鲜食-制作环境
宠物狗鲜粮-制作环境 宠物狗鲜食-制作环境


What kind of logistics guarantees real freshness?

Door-to-Door Cold Chain Delivery


Why order by subscription?

We believe that cats and dogs should too have the options of scientifically-formulated, and freshly cooked food.

Real fresh food does not contain any artificial preservatives or other synthetic additives. It is ordered by subscription, so the food for your dog is always fresh and delivered to you in cold chain routinely, 2-4 times a month. (The delivery time and address can be adjusted flexibly. You can even change the recipes for the next delivery of dinner!)

We also don't use ultra-high-temperature (UHT) processing which is a common procedure adopted in canned or other wet food that can be stored in room temperature. The UHT can extend the shelf-life of food however it does it at the price of destroying many nutrients such as minerals and vitamins. For example, the imported UHT milk has a one-year shelf life which requires no refrigeration, but fresh milk needs to be stored in 4C and only has a shelf life of 3 days.


Temperature-controlled vehicles (-15 ℃) for transportation, your furry one's food stays cool and fresh.

Foods are prepared fresh and delivered every 1 or 2 weeks routinely and flexibly upon your request. Your dogs will never run out of food and you do not have to run to the pet store anymore.

Tracking System

The flexible delivery schedule is only a click away, stop or resume your subscription at any time.
Multiple recipes that can be switched easily so your furry one would never get bored.

Making the best fresh pet food in China.

* 4 ℃ for 3 days, -18 ℃ for 90 days *

For any inquiries, feel free to consult an English-speaking customer support: shiwen981108 (Wechat ID) or scan the QR code below